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Apparel Accessory

Rhinestone apparel accessory is popular embellishments that add sparkle and glamour to clothing and accessories. Rhinestones are faux gemstones made from glass or acrylic, often with a faceted surface that reflects light.

Rhinestone apparel accessory can come in many different options, such as rhinestone appliques, rhinestone buttons, rhinestone buckles, rhinestone trims, rhinestone brooches, rhinestone patches. 

Rhinestone apparel accessory is popular embellishments that add sparkle and glamour to clothing and accessories.

Rhinestone appliques are pre-designed rhinestone motifs or patterns that can be ironed or sewn onto fabric. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing you to customize your clothing or accessories with ease. Rhinestone buttons can be used as functional closures or simply as decorative accents on garments. They come in different designs and sizes, adding a touch of sparkle to shirts, blouses, jackets, or even handbags. Rhinestone buckles are often used in belts or as closures for shoes. They provide a stylish and eye-catching element to your accessories, making them stand out.

Rhinestone Trims are strips or ribbons adorned with rhinestones that can be sewn onto clothing or used as decorative accents. Rhinestone trims are versatile and can be applied to hems, collars, cuffs, or any other desired area.Rhinestone brooches are decorative pins that can be attached to clothing, hats, or bags. They come in various shapes and designs, allowing you to personalize your outfits or accessories. Rhinestone patches are similar to appliques but typically larger in size. They can be ironed or sewn onto clothing to create bold and eye-catching designs.

When purchasing rhinestone apparel accessories, you can find them at Paradise Jewelry Factory, which specialized in all raw materials for rhinestone apparel accessory in 1993. So our factory advantage for rhinestone apparel accessory production lies in its ability to efficiently produce a large volume of consistent, high-quality products at a competitive price point.


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Rhinestone Cup Chain

 Rhinestone cup chain is a type of jewelry-making material that consists of a series of rhinestones set into metal cups that are linked together to form a chain. The rhinestones are usually small and round, and the cups that hold them are often made of brass, copper, or silver-colored metal. Rhinestone cup chain is popular for creating sparkling, eye-catching jewelry pieces, such as necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The chain is available in different colors, finishes, and sizes to suit a range of design preferences. Rhinestone cup chain is often used in costume jewelry, but it can also be incorporated into more high-end designs. It’s a versatile material that can be used to create a variety of looks, from simple and elegant to bold and glamorous.

Factory Advantage

Our factory has several advantages for rhinestone apparel accessory  including:

Efficient Production
Consistent Quality
Increased Capacity
Flexibility in Customization
Quality Control and Testing

Paradise Jewelry Factory has several advantages for the sourcing for rhinestone apparel accessory. Firstly it is very professional rhinestone jewelry factory, which specialized in producing all rhinestone raw materials for apparel accessory in 1993. The jewelry factory has the knowledge and expertise to create high-quality products and has experience working with different materials, designing and producing a wide range of products, and understanding customer preferences. Secondly the factory can produce a large volume of rhinestone apparel accessories efficiently and at a lower cost per unit than smaller manufacturers. The all raw materials of rhinestone apparel accessories are produced by own our factory. This is because we have the necessary equipment, technology, and staff to produce items in large quantities. Then our Paradise Jewelry Factory can offer customization options, such as different designs, colors, and sizes. They can work with clients to create unique products that meet their specific needs. Finally Paradise jewelry has processes in place to ensure that their products meet high-quality standards. They have quality control measures at every stage of the production process to catch any defects or issues.