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Hair Accessory

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A rhinestone hair accessory is a decorative item that is typically worn in the hair to add some sparkle and glamour to a hairstyle. It is usually made of metal or plastic with rhinestones, which are small, artificial stones made of glass or acrylic that are cut to resemble diamonds. 

Hair accessories combined with rhinestone will give you a new look

Rhinestone hair accessories come in a variety of styles and shapes, such as hair clips, hairpins, headbands, barrettes, and combs. They can be simple and subtle or bold and elaborate, depending on the occasion and the wearer’s personal style. Rhinestone tiaras are special rhinestone hair accessories, which are popular for special events such as proms, weddings, and formal parties, but can also be worn as a fun and playful accessory to add some glam to an everyday outfit.

Do you want to look for a professional rhinestone hair accessory factory? Paradise Jewelry Factory is your best choice. Our factory not only provides various styles also bring our customer the best wholesale price. Our factory can produce all raw materials for rhinestone hair accessories in 1993 with over 30 years history. 

Overall, manufacturing rhinestone hair accessories in Paradise Jewelry factory setting provides several advantages in terms of efficiency, cost-effectiveness, quality control, customization, and scalability. These factors contribute to the ability to produce high-quality products in large quantities, meeting the demands of customers and the market effectively.


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 Hair Accessory


Yiwu, China


29 March, 2023

Rhinestone Tiara & Combs

Rhinestone tiaras and combs are a special collection of rhinestone hair accessory. They are often used for special occasions such as weddings, proms, and pageants to add a touch of sparkle and elegance to the wearer’s outfit. Rhinestone tiaras can be worn alone or paired with a veil or other hair accessories to create a stunning bridal look.

Rhinestone tiara is a type of headpiece or crown that is adorned with rhinestones. Rhinestones are also artificial gemstones made of glass or plastic that are cut and polished to resemble real gemstones. They come in a variety of styles and designs, from simple and understated to elaborate and ornate.

Rhinestone tiaras are often less expensive than those made with precious gemstones or metals, making them an affordable option for those on a budget.

Rhinestone Hair Accessories

At Paradise Jewelry, we have a huge collection of stylish and trendy rhinestone hair accessories for women including:

Paradise Jewelry has been designing, manufacturing, and offering glamorous Rhinestone hair accessories since 2006 in a variety of designs and styles. Evert hair accessory we make at our factory is carefully and artistically designed and made to match the different hairstyles of women as well as your personality. At Paradise Jewelry Factory, we design and manufacture our Rhinestone hair accessories in hundreds of designs and styles that match the style of every modern-day woman. With us, you can buy a wide variety of hair accessories in diverse designs from which you can decide easily to match your hairstyle and overall personality.

All our Rhinestone hair accessories are designed aesthetically and beautifully to give women a fun as well as a feminine look. This way, you can have an attractive collection of crystal hair accessories in dissimilar colors to match the dresses, gowns, and the style of your hair easily and effectively.

If you would like to purchase Rhinestone hair accessories for your company, you could get the right ones from their huge collection available at Paradise Jewelry. Paradise Jewelry Factory is your perfect destination if you would like to source wonderful and artistic Rhinestone hair accessories at the best prices.