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Rhinestone jewelry is a type of jewelry that is decorated with small, faceted stones made of glass or crystal. The name “rhinestone” comes from the original material used to make these artificial gemstones, which was rock crystal from the Rhine River in Europe.

Rhinestone jewelry is often much more affordable than diamond or other precious stone jewelry. This makes it a great option for those who want the look of high-end jewelry without the high price tag.

Today, rhinestones are typically made by cutting or molding glass or acrylic into a faceted shape, and then coating the back with a reflective material to give them a glittering appearance. These stones are usually designed to resemble diamonds, and are often used as a less expensive alternative to diamond jewelry. 

Rhinestone jewelry is often much more affordable than diamond or other precious stone jewelry. This makes it a great option for those who want the look of high-end jewelry without the high price tag.

Rhinestone jewelry can come in a variety of forms, including necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and brooches, and is often used for costume jewelry or for special occasions where a touch of sparkle is desired. Rhinestone jewelry has been popular for many decades, and can be found in a wide range of styles, from vintage and antique-inspired designs to more modern and trendy pieces. Also rhinestones are made of glass or crystal, which is a durable material that can withstand wear and tear. This makes rhinestone jewelry a good choice for everyday wear or special occasions.


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Rhinestone Jewelry


Yiwu, China


29 March, 2023

Factory Advantage

We are a family business for Rhinestone Jewelry production since 1993 with over 30 years history. Our parents have been engaged in the production of rhinestone cup chain, which is the raw materials of rhinestone jewelry till 2008, when it was managed by the second generation. From 2008 on, rhinestone cup chain materials were combined with soldering technology to make finished rhinestone jewelry products and exported to over 15 years foreign countries. Based on the certification of SEDEX and WCA, the production process and worker safety is standardized and guaranteed and Rhinestone Jewelry Collection can be exported to all over the world with various environmental requirements.

Rhinestone Jewelry Collection is the most classic products in our factory. All raw materials are rhinestone cup chain for all rhinestone jewelry, which are made by own our factory, so the production cost is reduced a lot for finished rhinestone jewelry. This is for the reason that our wholesale cost will be cheap when compared to the price point of other jewelers in China. Also we provide ODM and OEM service for custom made.

Rhinestone Jewelry Advantage

Some of the advantages of rhinestone jewelry include:

Paradise Jewelry has been specializing in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high quality and fashionable rhinestone jewelry wholesale of the latest trends for more than 29 years. With us, you will be capable of finding your moment easily and effectively. Every woman knows that her moment when she lands the ideal rhinestone jewelry.

When considering the faces behind the style, the family of Paradise Jewelry has a team of experienced and skilled jewelry designers. Each of them in the team works with the main mission of fulfilling the rhinestone jewelry wholesale needs of every shopper. This means that they will work closely with each customer and aid them greatly in choosing the best rhinestone jewelry piece that best fits her taste, style, and personality.

The major goal of Paradise Jewelry is to provide our customers with the most exclusive as well as a stunning pendant necklace collection of rhinestone jewelry wholesale and please them with our excellent service and quality. Every staff in our factory strives to attain this goal to earn the trust as well as the satisfaction of those, who choose us to buy their rhinestone jewelry wholesale.

In General, Paradise Jewelry is an experienced and innovative jewelry manufacturer and jewelry wholesale supplier. Although there are a lot of jewelry factories in China, we offer professional service and affordable wholesale price to assist you to look for and order the perfect rhinestone jewelry to meet your needs for all events and occasions. We ensure you that we could delight you with our wide collection of rhinestone jewelry and satisfy you with our outstanding customer service.